Connecting Dive Buddies

Scuba divers know the struggle of searching for the perfect dive buddy. At Express Divers, we create connections that last a lifetime

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To empower all scuba divers to work with whoever they want, whenever they want.

Dive Buddies
Dive Buddies

About Express Divers

Connecting Diving Buddies

Our journey to connect diving buddies first started in 2010,  After becoming an instructor and working for a dive shop, working for the man, and being paid so little, I had fellow diving friends who freelanced and loved working for themselves. I decided to dip my toe into that part of the ocean too but was a struggle. I guess all new instructors, new freelances and anybody in any field working for themselves will have some troubles at the start.

Then the idea came, the problem is getting in contact with customers. You may live and work in an amazing tourist destination but are still so limited to meeting new clients. Social media is one thing but there are many dive instructors out there with more credentials than me.

Express Divers was an idea to connect dive buddies and after all these years it has come together and here is it. Express Divers will continue to ask questions, see what needs changing in this digital world. Express Divers will adapt to not only changes in the environment and protection against our oceans but bring divers together. This sport, this hobby, and passion that we all have will continue forever and Express Divers will be at the forefront.

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