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Professional scuba divers worldwide know that scuba diving does not pay very well and organizations charge a lot of money to stay certified. 
However, approximately 1 million new recreational scuba divers sign up every year to see the beauty of the ocean first hand and you are there to show them, teach them, and protect them.
By choosing one of our plans below you are taking the first step towards building a stronger career as a professional instructor.

100% Free

As professional scuba divers, we know how much time, effort, and money you have spent to become a certified professional, and for that we thank you.

Promote Your Skills & Certifications

With so many organizations, specialties, and skills to acquire as a professional, it would be good to showcase them all on a simple single platform.

Earn More Money

Freelance professionals also work at dive shops and centers, however, it does not mean you can't make extra money on the side. The dive shop will still earn money and you will too.

Know Who You Are Diving With

It would be great to know more about your dive buddy or customers before you go scuba diving with them.

FAQ Professional Members

Designed for professional scuba instructors who want to be noticed world wide. 

W currently have 2 memberships:
The Professional membership is FREE for LIFE!
The Feature membership costs $2.50 usd per month.

The Feature membership is for scuba diving professionals who want to stand out even more. The Professional will always be at the top of the search directory before all other professional profiles. Another feature is once a month Express Divers will do social media posts to promote all individual profiles across all social media platforms reaching thousands of new potential clients. 

The featured Link means every Monday Express Divers will change the profiles on the home page so tha more customers will see your profile.  

Absolutely, we use pal pay and stripe plus encrypted security payment plans so your translations are always safe. 

Of course you can, however for the featured member there is no money back policy. See the terms and conditions for more information. To cancel log onto your account and visit your dashboard or contacting us via our email [email protected] 

We are sorry but no, their is as a no money back policy however feel free to cancel your membership at anytime.

Yes, however as a professional you can only speak to a scuba diver if they send you a message first. . 

Professional Member

For Professionals
$ FREE Yearly
  • Custom Profile
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Searchable Profile
  • Contactable
  • Social Links
  • Map Display
  • 24/7 Support

Featured Member

Complete Package
$ 2
Per Month
  • All Of Professional
  • Featured Link On Website
  • Personalized Ads
  • Social Media Promotion

All prices above are shown in usd.
For more information on any of the pricing plans see our terms and conditions.
* Featured link on website is your profile shown on the front page of the website and stay for 1 week.
** Social media promotions are Express Divers will promote your profile on their social media pages 1 time per month.

Featured Professionals

These amazing talented scuba diving professionals signed up to the feature membership.


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