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Recreational scuba divers worldwide know that scuba diving is a very expensive hobby but with so many benefits. That is why approximately 1 million new scuba divers sign up every year to see the beauty of the ocean first hand.
Join them by choosing one of our affordable plans.

1 Time Low Cost

1 cup of coffee in New York has an average costs of $3.12 usd.
A Recreational scuba diver is only $3.99 usd for 1 whole year.

Less Money For Courses

A professional scuba diver can sell courses cheaper than dive shops because they do not have overheads which means you could end up saving $15 - $30 usd on some courses.

Meet Divers Before You Leave Home

The world today is made up of applications so you do not need to leave your home to buy something or talk to someone. We created a messaging system to do just that for all scuba divers.

Know Who You Are Diving With

It would be great to know more about your dive buddy before you go scuba diving with them. Find those details on their profile and if you like them, send them a message.

Recreational Scuba Divers

Recreational scuba divers can sign up for 1 year all for one low membership cost. See the affordable pricing plan below:

Scuba divers membership has an introductory rate of $3.99 usd per year.

Simply really, Save Money! Going directly to a scuba diving professional means you won’t pay full price. The professional will not have overheads like a dive shop however they can rent all the necessary equipment for your dive at a major discount. 

Absolutely, we use pal pay and stripe plus encrypted security payment plans so your translations are always safe. 

Of course you can, however, there is no money back policy. See the terms and conditions for more information. 

Log onto your account then visit the professional’s profile you would like to contact. On the right-hand side is a contact form, fill it out and wait for your reply. 

Paying the professional is between you the scuba diver and the professional. Express Divers will not refund any money or take responsibility for miscommunication between the two parties.

Log onto your account then visit the professional’s profile you would like to write a review for. At the bottom of their profile fill out the details.

Daily! Express Divers are always promoting to ensure the world’s top professionals are becoming members.

The Scuba Diver

Was $4.99
$ 3
  • Custom Profile
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Contact Professionals
  • Write Reviews
  • 24/7 Support

All prices above are shown in usd.
For more information on any of the pricing plans see our terms and conditions.

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